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TYPE: Local Distribution Companies (LDC)
SIZE: Province Wide /Ontario


CATEGORY: Installing energy efficient products and systems 

CLIENT: Collaboration with Toronto Hydro, Waterloo North, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and Power Stream 


Ontario has committed to a new “Conservation First Framework spanning from 2015-2020 with new mandates from the Minister of Energy.  LDCs have indicated that the retrofit market is important for the success of the new framework. Under this mandate, utility companies offer electricity, gas, and water incentive and rebate programs to encourage the installation of energy-efficient building products and systems to meet local and regional energy targets. The project scope involved consultation with LDC’s to scope out key objectives, needs, and gaps to bring credibility and increase customer services to the LDC market. Consultation with LDCs was initiated in the summer of 2014 exposing a deeper dive of issues pertaining to: 

  • A lack of trust pertaining to energy-efficient products 

  • Poor quality assurance processes in the marketplace to validate claims 

  • The desire for a one-stop shop resource and a reliable verification program to support how energy efficient products are installed 

Designers Collaborating

Provide Local Distribution Customers (LDC) customers with access to a single unified online platform to identify and access verified efficient products,incentives, and contractors. Bring credibility, tools and resources to help meet energy targets.

Utility Engagement

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Utility Collaboration Engagement 

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