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Sustainable Shipping Crate House Design
Photo Credit: Koto Design

Product Analysis and Verification Services

Marketing your green, healthy and technology building products

Want to know which claims you can make about your product for buildings? Is your product ready to meet the environmental and technical requirements for sustainable and healthy buildings? Are your documents standardized, clear and current in a format for the specification community to use? Building product manufacturers become frustrated by the complicated requirements for the various rating programs for buildings, we can help! 

EcoSpex can help you create product documentation so that your product can get specified.  We help product manufacturers navigate the complexities by overcoming all the greenwashing claims. Building product manufacturers can offer their documentation that supports multiple rating programs on their website, brochures, specification teams, and make it available to all of their product reps. We have the most comprehensive material research skills in the world. Our team of experts deal with sustainability of construction materials and technologies by providing the following services: 

  • Product Evaluation Alignment:  Shows product alignment with popular third party green, healthy and energy rating systems to include: (e.g., LEEDv4.1, LEEDZERO, Built Green®, Net Zero, Passive House, Green Globes, Well Standard and Living Building Challenge).


  • Product Analysis and Verification: We do the heavy lifting for manufacturers to align your environmental, LCA, EPDs, HPDs and relevant technical info into a simple yet effective format for the design and construction sector.  Learn what documentation is required of a manufacturer to have prepared and ready to submit when your product is specified on a green, energy or healthy building project.  EcoSpex Verified Declaration may contain analyses of the following elements, depending on the manufacturer's priorities:

  • Technical Product Information
  • Environmental Data Sheet (EDS)
  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

  • Health Product Declaration HPD® / Healthy materials selection guidance

  • Other Environmental Health Reports and Certifications

  • Declare: Chemical ingredients declaration

  • Certificate of recycled content

  • Company commitment to sustainability

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