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The EcoSpex Story

Iholda vision of this blue green planet, safe and in balance. At the end of theFossil Fuel Era, we are emerging to a new reality. We are ready to make the next leap–lets do this together.

Why we exist.

We exist to help
innovative companies
and communities
build a better world
towards a low carbon

Our story began with researching, digging deep on global best practices, producing value engineering, assessing user-friendly collaborative tools, developing cloud base software and creative IT practice to develop an online platform that could connect users to technologies.


Along the journey we found the need to develop a superior quality assurance process that ensures trust, transparency, and a standardized approach to how the industry reviews and manufacturers products/technologies to support the built environment. Our purpose is to find a better way to support the environment and reduce carbon emissions

How do we achieve our purpose?

We are passion-fuelled entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, business savvy experts, technologists, research experts who were dissatisfied with the status quo. Our vision saw past the old way of doing things and was rooted in the belief that there was a better way–that we could develop a process, alongside great people, delivering great innovation.

Our vision of a global tool that revolutionizes the way the industry finds and specifies slow-carbon technologies and that anything was possible, and everything could always be improved upon

As a team of versatile problem solvers, we believe that a more creative and collaborative approach is needed to build a better tomorrow. Our international approach to climate change and impact will inspire and drive lasting change providing low carbon technologies to all communities.


Since our inception in 2011 we have been recognized as the firm that does things differently.It has taken us longer to get to market, however, our ground-breaking research is on the forefront to drive a global SAAS cloud-based solution, grounded in best practices and creative, smart minds backed with integrity and results.It is in our DNA to challenge the status-quo to deliver the best possible value for our clients. We measure our own success in our ability to understand and address clients concerns and risks. Their goals become our own, and we take pride in seeing them succeed. This is truly what matters to us.


Today, we are ready to partner with the right organization to aid us in achieving our purpose, tackling every challenge as an opportunity, and relentless pursuit in being better tomorrow than we were today.

What does tomorrow look like?

  • Award winning B2B SAAS Platform.

  • A place where great work is accomplished alongside great people with an investment team to support our vision of a better tomorrow.

  • An understanding that we are better together.

  • A collaborative approach to solving challenging global climate change problems with applied creativity, and

  • A management style that brings the best out in each person for the benefit of everyone

Take a look through some key milestones in our short yet productive history over the last eight years