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Sustainable Development

Consulting Services

Municipalities are facing new pressures and increasing challenges from climate change, rapid growth, and urbanization. New and existing developments represent a critical opportunity for municipalities to take bold climate action, target UN Sustainable Development Goal #11 and effectively manage and incorporate Green Development Community Guidelines/Standards into the planning process. We help municipalities update their Official Plan requirements to support Green Development Community Guidelines as well climate action planning to meet GHG reduction targets, and goals related to social, environment, health, and economic development.

  • Sustainable Community Planning and Implementation

    • Our sustainable community planning and implementation services help create the path to community success. To ensure success, we Integrate the Official Community Plan (OP) and the Integrated Community Sustainable (ICSP) Plans together. As part of this process, we can also identify effective strategies to support UN Sustainable Development Goals by aligning your OP to sustainability requirements and climate action plan priorities.

  • Municipal Green Development Standards

    • Today a key challenge for municipalities, planners, developers and designers is to address priorities for sustainability at the beginning of a project is time consuming - we help reduce the issues to meet municipal targets, policies and priorities by working together with the municipality to manage increasing pressures of growth. Developing Green Development Standards (GDS) are voluntary or mandatory measures created by municipalities to promote and encourage design that is environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable. GDS are comprehensive principles to guide development at a level of planning and design that focuses on community requirements. These standards are integrated into the planning approvals process, where development applications are asked to meet certain criteria in the GDS.

    • We help municipalities adopt and implement the GDS driving new policies and tools through a engagement process to enable successful community pilot projects to deliver the GDS allowing a continuous feedback loop from the development community.

    • Our comprehensive sustainability assessment sets out clear objectives and benchmarks tailored for each unique site, it takes into account issues specific to a development and community. View our Sustainable Green Community Standards and Masterplans Summary.

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