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The framework will involve a two phased approach.  

Phase 1 will include the development of the framework to support the research for small rural communities, with further funding to pursue Phase 2 Implementation of the framework.  The results will involve development of tools, resources, capacity building, and knowledge transfer activities that support municipalities, developers, builders and other organizations in South Central Ontario in delivering Low Carbon Attainable Housing projects at scale. Pilot community or communities will be implemented to support the use of the various tools and resources developed.

Small Rural Community on Waterside

Small Rural Community Initiatives

LOCATION: Regional – Bruce, Simcoe, Dufferin and Grey Counties

TYPE: Small Community Initiatives Attainable Housing
SIZE: Housing

COMPLETION: in progress, commenced March 2020 - winter 2021

CATEGORY: Federal Funding


The Small Communities is a regional initiative to undertake research to better understand the gaps in community projects by reviewing existing and new resources, policies, best practices and tools to support Low Carbon Attainable Housing.  The project will involve consultation with experts from across Canada and internationally to support best practices in the development of a framework that will guide, enable and drive the uptake of Low Carbon Attainable Housing through capacity building, providing a single centre of knowledge.

Regional Low-Carbon Attainable Housing Framework

Solving the Attainable - Affordable Housing Crisis:

A Regional Solution

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