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TYPE: Ontario Centre of Excellence (OCE) - Voucher for Innovation and Productivity (VIP I)   
SIZE: Commercial Sector 

COMPLETION: September 2015

CATEGORY: Funding for Research Activities  

CLIENT: Ryerson University collaboration with EcoSpex & Industry Partners   


The research undertaking included two related sub-projects to address the issue regarding the evaluation of the verification protocol/process and to quantify the opportunity for globalization of the EcoSpex platform and develop the framework to expand the protocol/process to realize this opportunity. These sub-projects, their technical challenges and the proposed innovations are described below: 

The industry desperately needs tools, built on a foundation of accurate, verified, organized data. Data that is tailored to stages of design and construction, is able to adapt to project’s goals and constraints, and is optimized for each user. This allows practitioners to spend their time on design, construction, and innovation. We believe this vision is only possible by building the EcoSpex Platform with BIM360 and Revit. Ryerson lead the assessment by evaluating the meta-evaluation of the verification protocol/process and published literature related to evaluating research to develop a suitable framework.  

  • Phase 1 reviewed Innovation & Scientific Issues 

  • Phase 2 expansion included the Verification protocol to align with LEED® v4. 

The following tools and resources are available to support AEC and sustainability design professionals simply and reduce the work to comply with LEEDv4.1. Available in excel and word format.  

TOOLKIT #1 - Green Building Rating Sections  

  • LEED 2009 vs. v4.1 Comparison Overview  

  • LEED 2009 vs. v4.1 Comparison Overview (product, material, equipment)

  • Residential-Commercial Rating Systems Comparison Overview  

  • Energy Codes and Standards Comparison  

  • Leedv4 Credit Requirements Overview  


TOOLKIT #2 - Product Material Resources 

Understand how different certificates compare and how labels work with LEEDv.4.1  

  • Green Product Certificate Matrix (GPC) 

  • Green Product Certificate-LEEDv4 Alignment Overview 


TOOLKIT #3 - Specification Requirements  

  • LEEDv4 - specification language for achieving LEEDv4 credits  
    (this has not been updated to support LEEDv4.1)  

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Ryerson University OCE VIP 1 Collaboration Research Project

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