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IRAP /NRC Automation of low carbon construction products



Ottawa Canada





March 2023-April 2024



Automation , AI

Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) National Reserch Council of Canada (NRC)


Project Overview 

IRAP/NRC ITAs consortium provided outstanding resources, insights which enabled our team to make smart decisions to support the research project. Funding supported the development of automation process and define the data relationships. The challenge was defining all the relevant sustainability and performance fields to be captured in relation to each product type. The fields required are defined by the supported certifications and rating systems.

The data strategy enabled an accurate framework to support sustainability and performance requirements. The goal of this project is to deliver a streamlined automation solution for the review of products for the low carbon construction industry, verify claimed certificates and performance metrics related to sustainability. As part of this work, we automated LEEDv.4.1, WELL Standard and Living Building Challenge rating programs.

Automation allowed us to:

  1. Automating manufactures data help streamline how we vet and assess manufactures documents.

  2. Integrate the ISO 9001 quality assurance process

  3. Providing AEC and manufacturers with a standardized approach to assessing sustainability and performance requirements for new and retrofit building projects.

Project Scope

  • The market assessment involved assessing global material platforms, LinkedIn survey, focus group sessions with over 30 AEC companies and interviews, research reports included AIA, Proptech and findings. We also investigated a new product substitution process to support general  contractors. A gap analysis was completed, avatars and SWOT/findings. 

  • A revised business model was completed. 

  • SaaS revenue model established. 

  • Further to this we developed a verified data strategy/data model. A well-defined verification sustainability metrics for LEEDv4.1, WELL and LIFI (data schema) ensuring 96% accuracy in all queries. CSI mapping. Tracked and log all datasets changes for our ISO 9001 process.

  • Researched AI and API options (issues and constraints)

Developed our documentation process to include:

  • Software Design Specifications (SDS)

  • Verified Data Entity’s Structure

  • Project-high-level-overview


  • Developed our MVP1 vision and MVP2 research plan

  • Sustainability and performance reports for manufacturers

  • Engaged our software automation, Ai company

The platform drives the adoption rate of water, low carbon, proptech, cleantech, construction materials, age-in-place, dementia technologies automated for green and healthy buildings. The automation strategy drives verified data and enables the commercial building sector the ability to access standardized data, collaborate, share, store and compare product manufacturers, streamlining the specification process by 90%.

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Low Carbon Material Product Platform

Driving Sustainability in the Construction Industry

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