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Campus of Care Town of Blue Mountains Design for Dementia



Town of Blue Mountains

Long Term Care (LTC)



Housing for Dementia

October 2022



Consulting Design for Dementia Request for Proposal Campus of Care

SHS Consulting/Town of Blue Mountains


Setting a new benchmark for LTC and Dementia. Provided evidence base literature to support the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Campus of Care Design for Dementia  technical requirements proponents’ bid section. As part of this scope, we incorporated Universal Design approach for people living with dementia to support the various requirements to ensure independence give meaning, comfort, and safety as part of the RFP requirements. The goal is to create an environment that is more friendly, inclusive, and supportive for people with dementia.

  • Developed instructions for the RFP scope deliverables, approach, and supplemental information to support the design for Dementia Campus of Care Commerical Building requirements

  • Provide technical framework to support the design intent, and a baseline understanding on design requirements that include evidence base guidelines for project teams

  • Delivered RFP requirements that enables a decision-making process for the design requirements for Dementia requirements

The experience of a person with dementia tends to be overlooked in the design of long-term care and residential facilities. Living with dementia should frame design. This involves seeing the world through the eyes of people living with dementia, or ‘looking out from the inside’. People with dementia do not experience themselves and their physical and social environments as separate. Each part, personal, physical, and social, is in a lived relationship to the other. The physical and social environments of life are interlinked and equally important.

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Design for Dementia Guidelines

Setting a New Benchmark for Long Term Care

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