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The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) Dementia Community Investment Fund



Kingston, Ontario




Housing, Long-term care and private care developments

March 2019


The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) Dementia Community Investment Fund


Collaborative, Queens University was the lead applicant for submission


Facilitated a team of subject matter experts to support a funding application for a Design for Dementia: accelerating and shaping housing for Canadians living with dementia. The technical team led the efforts to write the competitive funding to meet all criteria and requirements which involved a multi-sectoral partnerships and community partners. The foundation of the funding application was based on existing global evidence for design for dementia.

The project placed the Kingston community centre stage in conducting leading-edge research/innovation and applying in dementia design considerations in a variety of community settings:

  • Build new skillsets, areas expertise and competencies

  • Develop new economic opportunities and job creation

  • Position Kingston community as the catalyst for cross-discipline and international collaboration

  • By creating opportunities to build research, deployment and training partnerships

  •  Promote/position/support knowledge transfer through proof of concept and through various forms of outreach: onsite demonstration and virtual online 

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Design for Dementia: Accelerating and Shaping Housing for Canadians Living with Dementia

Dementia Community Investment:

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