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Golden Dawn Senior Citizen Home



Northern Bruce Peninsula Lions Head

Affordable Housing/LTC




December 2022- Jan 2023


Advisory Services Affordable Housing


Golden Dawn Senior Citizen Home


Bringing a housing project from initial concept to on‐the‐ground reality involves a number of sequential stages. Each stage involves a progressively more detailed assessment of the project to ensure that it continues to meet the community’s needs, is financially feasible and is operationally sustainable. 

Key resource commitments and go‐forward decisions are required for the Golden Dawn Board to proceed from one stage to the next. The project scope involves consulting/advisory role to provide recommendations to Golden Dawn Board Redevelopment Task Force to support a new Community hub which delivers LTC care in a new way and Affordable Housing initiatives for the community.

Scope Involved:

  • Assessed RFP and provide recommendations

  • Review of historical and supplementary information

  • Board Q&A on the proposed vision

  • Summarize results of the RFP

  • Develop a new roadmap for the project and stages

  • Discuss feasibility frameworks and options /provided recommendations and options to proceed

  • Research funding opportunities for pre-development activities/project stage

  • Provided a short list of funding opportunities

  • Established funding meetings to prequalify the project

  • Summarize funding results to the board/next steps

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Golden Dawn Redevelopment Task Force

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