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Proposed Area for Innovation Park


TYPE: Business Planning/ Economic Development 
SIZE: Provision for eight new innovative buildings on a rolling five-year program

COMPLETION: October 2012

CATEGORY: BRE Innovation Park UK  

CLIENT: The Living City Campus, Kortright


Provided the business case and economic market data for the proposed BRE Innovation Park at The Living City Campus Vaughan Ontario.  The BRE Innovation Park Network has been established to inform sustainable development at a global level and stimulate innovation within the built environment. The Innovation Parks feature full-scale demonstration buildings that have been developed by industry partners, academia, and government.   


To help accelerate the development of the Living City Campus, the TRCA partnered with the Building Research Establishment (BRE) - one of the world’s largest building research, certification, and training organizations. To assist builders in Britain achieve new building code standards, BRE developed a concept called “Innovation Park.” Similar to TRCA’s existing Archetype Houses, but on a much larger scale, these Innovation Parks have driven Britain’s building industry to towards net zero sustainable homes production by 2016. With the first Innovation Park established in 2003 and further developed three other Innovation Parks to include: Scotland, Brazil, and China. Working with BRE, TRCA aims to collaborate with its municipal and corporate partners in the building industry to expand its existing demonstrations, research and education programs at the Living City Campus to become Canada’s BRE Innovation Park. 

BRE Innovation Park Business Plan
BRE Innovation Park Campus Logo

This document investigates the potential to develop a BRE Innovation Park at The Living City Campus at Kortright. It provides the technical parameters, the business case and project budget to implement the Innovation Park. Learn more here.

BRE Canada Innovation Park Business Plan

BRE Innovation Park – The Living City Campus Kortright  

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