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Developed on Autodesk Forge our workspace development included 4 phases: Launch, Initialize, Explore and Select, and Document

Closing the Loop R&D

Automating Specification Workflows with Autodesk Forge 


TYPE: Research 
SIZE: Commercial Building Sector

COMPLETION: October 2019

CATEGORY: Autodesk Forge – Closing the Loop  

COLLABORATION: Collaboration between Autodesk Toronto Research and EcoSpex Technical Team  

Connecting EcoSpex data to BIM is the next step towards automating specification workflows. Autodesk Forge has the potential to revolutionize how data is delivered, tracked, and managed throughout the product lifecycle to support specification related services for the AEC industry. The research that was developed includes a series of mock-ups that demonstrate how EcoSpex could leverage Autodesk’s Forge Development Platform to provide a user-friendly online project workspace for AEC industry professionals and contextualize these mock-ups with a storyboard that aligns with a project objective.  

Forge will help EcoSpex users eliminate data error and loss, link data together more efficiently & consistently as well as provide an effective collaborative process with project teams. Forge/BIM will help EcoSpex automate AEC specification workflows enabling AEC professional’s access to trustworthy data and product selection support tailored to the context of their projects and connected to their centralized models.  

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