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COMPLETION: December 2019

CATEGORY: Applying LEEDv4.1 Standard using a BIM process 

CLIENT: George Brown College Research in collaboration with EcoSpex

The industry desperately needs tools, built on a foundation of accurate, verified, organized data. Data that is tailored to stages of design and construction, is able to adapt to project’s goals and constraints, and is optimized for each user. This allows practitioners to spend their time on design, construction, and innovation. We believe this vision is only possible by building the EcoSpex Platform with BIM360 and Revit. EcoSpex partnered with Centre for Construction and Engineering Technology (CCET) and at George Brown College (GBC) to review, update and analyze LEED4v.1 standards by utilizing EcoSpex verification process by testing materials and assemblies in a sample Building Information Modeling (BIM) model. Four Phases of the project included: 

Phase 1: Project Initiation 

Phase 2: Rating Standards Analysis  

Phase 3: Modeling and Testing  

Phase 4: Creation of Final Report /1 Video  


Project Lead: Principal Investigator (PI) Nakhshab Ashraf-Poor, Professor, CCET 

Project Manager (PM) Yuchen Sun, Acting Senior Project Manager, Research and Innovation and two CCET Student Research was conducted by Amal Abu-Jazar and Minh Diep.

Technical advisors:  

  • Amal Madanat, Multiplex Design Manager & BIM Leader CCS, LEED AP. Responsibilities: Technical Peer Review BIM 

  • Hali Larson – Autodesk Toronto R&D 

  • Sandra Lester, Affecting Change, BTech. Arch.Science, LEED AP BD+C

  • Beth Stroshane, Applied Building Information CCS, LEED AP 


Phase 2 – consideration to partner with a company that has manufacturing data to integration with EcoSpex verification process to enable a more efficient process for structured clean data for customers, deeper value and aligned data for BIM and LEED. A number of other strategies were identified to support the global need for sustainability of materials to BIM. Analysis on global strategies on best practices regarding sustainability of materials is a strategy worth exploring.  

GBC & EcoSpex Research Graphic

Posting the global market with BIM and Sustainability Materials, Green Products and Carbon Technology

Collaborative, Innovative Research

Applying LEEDv4.1 Standard using a BIM process 

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